Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February's vintage attack!

Wee, February's fashion blog here I come! :) You know me,I love fashion like a lot, literally. When you see me out, you seldom see me with ugly clothes only sometime when I had to. LOL, specially after sports or something. Well, there's like some collection that I really admire a lot. It was like da'bomb. Well, you can't exactly wear some of  it in Malaysia, cause it's too hot here & some is really really nice that you could wear in Malaysia!*claps*  It's to die for okay? I just wanna share fashion and stuff that I really obsessed with.

The collection are just classic and simple like the way it is, AH! I need to get one of theseee! :3

For girls who have petite body and love dresses, you might wanna get one of these.



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