Sunday, March 13, 2011

Say hello to Braces.

Hello peeps, sorry for being not efficient. I've been really sick this few days. Literally my temperature reached 38.8. How hot is that? I'm still having fever now, wait not really. Just having cough and sorethroat. I have sexy voice too! I wonder any chicks fall for me with my sexy voice? Have you guys watched American Idol season 10? you know the guy called Casey? I like him! His voice is sho damn sexy. Okay, enough of this crap. My main post is about my braces! :D

Braces, why I get a braces? It's because I have crooked teeth duh, that is why you seldom see me smiling with my teeth. So, decided to get braces. My braces cost about 4k plus, omg. But it's cheap enough compare to my friend's.

My experience in dentist's. I literally had to open my mouth 45 minutes, big and wide. I HATE IT. Especially those evil looks of the dentist and his assistant. When Dr Aziz, the dentist was out awhile having a meeting, his assistant just put the cleaner in my mouth, let it there just like that. While both of them, talk about farts? wtf was that. And when he came back, they panicked, you should've seen their face! Dr Aziz was mad because, it wasn't clean enough, so he angry their assistant in front of me. muahahaah, serve you right. Talk more about fart lah, in your face! 

According to Dr Aziz, I only gonna wear braces for one year! Yeah me.

For your information, I'll do my braces on my below teeth next month. Reason is, I dont know haha. Because both of my braces have different function. Upper teeth's braces is to straighten my teeth, below teeth's braces is to correct my jaw slash bone structure. SO YEA. 

That's all, xoxo. Will be more efficient next time, and oh! Happy first term holiday for all Malaysian students! :) I'll be enjoying my first term holiday in Revo and KK! :D WOO, can't wait. My fun begins tomorrow! Please pray that I will be healed, that's all, xoxo! BYE.
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