Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Review: Wongamania Banana Economy Board Game

Hey guysssss,

it's been awhile, so basically, a few weeks ago I attended this Wongamania's Board Game Launch event in Borders. I have always loveee playing board games since i was a toddler and honestly, I'm pretty excited to tell you guys more about Wongamania!

Wongamania is definitely not your typical board games, it's definitely a game that you can play and have fun with your friends and it also teaches you how to handle your financial plan. Pretty cool right? :D

Before you actually dive into the game, you first have to know the type of cards that we are gonna use during the game! These are different type of opportunity cards that you can use during the game, and each card has its own pros and cons depending on the timeline of the economic condition of the game as well. On the card, there are some description for you to have better understanding of the card.

Of course, this is the board that determines your luck of the game. It decides the economic condition of the game. It has 4 stages of economic cycles namely, Recovery, Growth, Stagnant and Recession. The board also shows market price, which determine the amount of Wongas that is needed to purchase Stock & Property cards in certain economic timeline. Also, the Profit Grid that determines the amount of Wongas earned for each asset owned by each player.

Basically during the game, each player will get 3 Wonga cards that resemble your money and also 4 Opportunity cards at the start of the game. These opportunity cards are basically the one that decides the fate of your game. These cards can both be useful and a threat depending on the economic condition timeline of your game (which I will explain further more later). So depending on the economic condition, you will need to know when to buy or let go of your assets such as properties or stocks to minimize the risk of you going broke.

There's also bank cards, incident cards and trust fund.

Bank card is basically a card where you keep your Wongas safe. Incident cards are cards where you can sabotage other player and make them more difficult to win the game. For example the baby card, the player will need to pay certain amount of Wongas for a period of time every turn to support the baby.

Last but not least the trust fund card; Trust Fund card is the card that determines the winner. In order to win the game you will need to have 3 Trust Fund. Each Trust Fund cost around 8 wongas!

Honestly, I personally really like this game. I mean it's definitely not a kids' game and it's definitely something that teenagers and young adults should play. Not just for the sake of leisure, but to gain abit of understanding how the economy works. After all, we all do need money to survive.


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