Thursday, July 14, 2016


Not an instagram baddie, but I tried.

Now Instagram baddie is trending? So what is instagram baddie?

So from what I googled, an Instagram baddie is someone that is famous for being a baddie in instagram. Basically, they're just famous for being beautiful and confidence. 

Characteristics of an instagram baddie is basically, her makeup is flawless, up to date on every trend, mostly classy meets bad ass. Most baddies interpret classy wears with a little bit of street style! So here are the example of instagram baddie that I absolutely adore - @marycake on instagram! 

As you can see, she's absolutely gorgeous! Although she look like a badass person, she still remain her classyness, and I like that!

So, ever wonder how to dress like one? 

I made an inspired video on how to dress like a baddie! So have fun <3 div="">

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