Tuesday, July 5, 2016

3rd Generation Laneige Bb Cushion

Laneige BB Cushion is probably my favourite BB Cushion of all time. Do you know that Laneige BB cushion is the First ever cushion that went global in 2012? Yes, that's how good the bb cushion is. This year, Laneige came up with the 3rd Generation BB cushions, whitening & pore control BB cushion.

One of the highlight is that, Laneige has changed the cushion pattern design,  The 3D Skin Fit allows us to pick up the desired amount of the product easily and evenly with the puff. No matter how much u press unto the the cushion, the 3D Skin Fit will make the product spread evenly and we will able to apply on our face effortlessly and seamlessly, achieving the transparent makeup look.

I was given 2 different BB Cushion to try;

1. BB CUSHION_ Whitening

The BB Cushion Whiting has the Dual Whitening Technology to achieve bright and clean skin from inside out! It also has UV protection with SPF50++, keeping your skin safe from the harmful UV rays. What's more awesome is that, it is totally Water Resistant. So it will keep the beautiful dewy effect throughout the day even though you sweat a lot. Perfect for people that work out and still wanna look good haha!

2. BB CUSHION_ Pore Control

This Bb cushion Pore Control has the Two-step oil control system that controls excess sebum, so you will still look super fresh and not washed out the entire day!
Step 1:  Selective Oil Balancing Powder
It function to absorb only excess oil while still manage to balance our skin moisture level, the powder still help to keep your skin matte and fresh without drying out your skin,

Step 2: Pore Minisizing Technology

This technology helps to minimise the size of your pore, preventing excess sebum secretion! So you will look extra fresh even though you'll be working your butt off and makes you sweat the entire day. It also has Blurring effect, where the BB Cushion contains blurring layer formed by soft powder, function to cover the imperfections on your face such as dull skin and uneven skin tone! Just like you're basically editing your face in real life, not in pictures hahahaa. It also contains UV protection and it is also water resistant. It also gives a semi matte finish!

I personally really love the BB Cushion Pore Control because I like how it gives a soft matte finish keeping my skin less oily and still keeping it hydrated as well. I also really love how it still stay fresh even after I work out. Yes, sometime I put on makeup and work out lol. And I really like the idea of the 3D skin fit, now i dont have to worry so much about putting out too much product! Also can I tell you guys the packaging is soooooo beautiful!

During the launch of 3rd Generation Laneige BB Cushion

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