Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Pink N' Proper X Claire Organics Box Review

Summer time is here! Where I am (Malaysia) is summer time all year round but who cares? I can enjoy summer time and all the summer fashion trend as well!

when it comes to summer, sun's out buns out! Thanks to this amazing collaboration box of Pink n' Proper x Claire Organics, I got what I need ready for the summer!

My collaboration box of Pink n' Proper x Claire Organics contains:
Black Max Azria Cross Back Bikini 
Pink N' Proper Pink Inflatable Flamingo Drink Holder
Goat Milk Candy Soap 
Luscious Cocoa Body Balm
Sunscreen Lotion Balm

 Lets review this collaboration box of Pink N' Proper X Claire Organics box shall we?

The main product of this box is of course the bikini! I of course got myself the Max Azria Cross Back because I like how it flaunt my curves and I'm not the kind of person who likes to show my body because I'm generally a shy person, but summer is the only excuse I can get to flaunt my body! It is super duper sexy and the cross back details makes my whole look even sexier!

Next highlight of the box is the Claire Organics products! I was so excited to try out this product because it was so hyped among beauty bloggers in Malaysia. Basically they handcrafted natural skin care products, total chemical free and formulated with nourishing and healing skin benefits !

Candy Soap Goat Milk: It is a limited edition travel bar, easy to bring around especially when you travel (duh?) It is packed with benefits that is able to treat eczema and psoriasis and it's perfect for people with sensitive skin.

Luscious Cocoa body balm: It's a 2-in-1 lip balm and lotion, so basically can be used on the lips and on your body as well. It is super nourishing,perfect for people with scaly skin like mine and it is also loaded with benefits such as high antioxidants, anti-aging, minimises stretch mark, it also help to sooth sensitive skin! I also love how essential oil was added into it makes the body balm produces a lovely scent.

Sunscreen Lotion Balm: Everyone should never skip the step of applying sunscreen every single day especially during the summer time, where the sun is scorching hot! Protect your skin against UV rays with this Lotion Balm that contains SPF25+. Besides that, it also helps to heal wounds and treat acne! wow! On top of that, I really love the scent off this Sunscreen with essential oil of Lavender and Rose Geranium, my fav combo of scent!

 Last but not least, the super duper cute Inflatable Pink Flamingo Cup Holder from Pink N' Proper. I honestly think it's a must have to any pool party, especially during the summer, when the weather is super hot, ya'll probably get so thirsty so often. Having this will be such a great help so we can chill out in the pool while drinking, super cute too! Instagram worthy item haha!

This is basically a promotional box which contain products from Pink N' Proper and Claire Organics. Customer can choose different type of boxes they want. Every month the box's content will change! How exciting!

For reference of the boxes of this month clink the link below:

You will also get a discount code from me! Use this code ------ " MISSALVY10 " Code is case sensitive, so make sure it is in capital letters as shown!

Enjoy shopping for the summer time girlies!

For info for the brands;
Claire Organics 
Pink N' Proper


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