Friday, March 18, 2016

Beauty: Loccitane Reine Blanche Product Review

For a considerable length of time, an energy, immaculate appearance has been a definitive image of excellence and gentility. The journey to protect the perfect brilliance of the skin is a key wonder distraction. 

Drawing on its broad herbal exploration, L'Occitane has finally found a magical plant or flower with the ability to brighten and astoundingly enlighten our skin, wow! The plant or flower is called Reine des Prés and it unadulterated white bloom enlightening its petals after some time and it became the main ingredient for Reine Blanche range.

Roused by its flawless magnificence and unparalleled iridescence, L'Occitane has made the Reine Blanche Illuminating Program for a beautiful, flawless and translucent skin. For a long time, the skin recuperates its characteristic translucency and internal light, sparkling with impeccable brilliance. Isn’t it sounds amazing?

Their main ingredient is the Reine des Pres. 

The petals of Reine des Prés develop more white after some time, helping from a rich-yellowish colour when it first sprouts to immaculate white, hence clarifying its worth in lighting up skincare. Hence, the main ingredient for Reine Blanche that help whiten up our skin.

Last 2 weeks, I was invited to the launch of 2 new products to the REINE BLANCHE range, which is the Whitening Sleeping Mask and the Illuminating Eye Care & Mask. 

Whitening Sleeping Mask  (RM333): 

Crisp with bouncy surface, its delectable gel-cream recipe liquefies into skin amid rest, and is discharged bit by bit into the skin for an overnight activity. The Complex is supplemented by a noteworthy new fixing, Scutellaria Baicalensis, which offers battling harms some assistance with causing by day by day animosities, for example, contamination. 

This reviving and lightweight equation lessens the general appearance of dull spots on the skin. Help skin tone, to skin recoup its translucency and clarity. Leave skin feeling relieved after harm brought on by anxiety and contamination.

You only need to apply Whitening Sleeping Mask during night time before going to bed. You don’t need to rinse it off after applying it because your skin will absorb the mask overnight. After using it for 4 weeks, you should see your skin brighten up! How amazing.

Illuminating Eye Care & Mask:

Improved with the Reine des Prés, and supplemented without any difficulty puffiness, its lightweight gel surface in a split second relieves and invigorates. Master kneading tool with an adjusted metal tip for a prompt cooling impact that invigorates the miniaturized scale course of the eye zone.

Its benefits: 
- Brighten and enlighten eye form 

- Refresh, smooth puffiness 

- Reduce scarcely discernible differences perceivability 

- Plump skin with dampness 

For people like me, who always stay up late, this eye cream definitely help me a lot in reducing the puffiness of my eyes. It also brighten up my eyes and make my eyes look more attractive. We can apply it day before going out or night before going to bed!

 I personally in love with this range because it helped my skin in general from looking dull to looking radiant. I don’t normally use whitening product as whitening products has strong chemicals in it that help to whiten your skin. However, for Reine Blanche’s whitening products, it is very gentle to the skin.


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