Monday, December 14, 2015

Gumcheon Culture Village // BUSAN

Hi guys, I know I have not been updating this space lately, because I've been travelling again, and there was a lot of things going on, ups and downs, it seems like there's too much things going on in my life, I don't know how to keep track anymore.

2015, has been a journey for me, it is a tough one. I'm proud of myself because I persevered through this journey. I wouldn't say it was all depressing, it has some happy days too. Like, me being able to travel a lot this year. After my internship, I was really exhausted and I was in dire of some escape. Thanks to Air Asia, and Korea Tourism Organisation that gave me the opportunity to discover Korea and I get to experience one of the best experience I ever had with Air Asia and the other medias.It was quite a surreal experience for me because I have always wanted to visit Korea and here I was visiting Korea and explore its beautiful wonders.

So here goes for my very first post of Korea, which is the famous Gumcheon Village known for its pastel buildings that is known as "santorini" of Korea. I have always wanted to visit this place because of its breathtaking view and instagram worthy photos that I'm going to take! LOL. I known this place from watching a reality tv show and it caught my attention of wanting to visit this place!

here's one of the famous spot to take picture where you get to take picture with the "lady of Gumcheon". I must say it take bravery to take this photo because if you're not careful, you might fall lol. And also, may I remind you, it is a famous spot to take picture so please expect a long queue or waiting time just to take this beautiful photo.

So this is the "stairs to see the stars", I literally thought you'll be able to see the stars but it actually meant if you walk up to the 148 stairs, you'll get dizzy and see the stars! HAHAHA. Thanks to our tour guide, she's kind enough to not let us suffer too much but walking 148 stairs down instead!

 For all you vainpot out there just like me, lucky you, this place has a lot of nice place to take an  OOTD! most of the buildings filled with creative arts, you have no choice but wanting to take picture with it!

For your information, Gumcheon village was founded by refugees back in the 1950s during the Korean war and it only transformed into a culture village in 2010 by the tourism of Korea. Gumcheon village has become one of the must-visit place in Korea!

As you start walking around the village, you will start seeing really nice small houses and each houses has their own theme portraying really cool arts. Though, not all houses are tourist spots, some houses still have villagers who is still staying inside. The size of the houses is really small and it really intrigued me how a family of 5 or 6 can stay in such a small space, mind you, it's probably half the size of my bedroom and it's really crazy! They don't even have their own toilet. hence, they share toilets among villagers outside of the house.

I must say it was an amazing experience to visit Gumcheon Culture village, able to learn to history of korea and totally immersed in the arts and culture of Korea. I will definitely come back again because why not? and I totally recommend to all my wanderlust friends to visit this place! It's totally worth your time :)

Admission fee: Free 
Operating time: 9am- 5pm

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