Saturday, July 11, 2015

Summer Look 2015

Hey guys, I know I've been away for very long time and it's unapologetic but hey good news is i'm still socially active on instagram (@missalvy)  and snapchat (alvyjoan) so add me up guys. I've been away for a month and been flying around in the united states. Super blessed but a lot has happened while i'm here. For example, someone stole my travel money and someone scratched my car while i'm aways #hatersgonnahate

Anyways, I'll be updating this space with my travelling photos but in the meantime let's head down to my youtube channel and watch my latest video which is summer lookbook 2015. This video is where I showed 3 different styles for the summer, from casual chill, sexy elegant to sweet. In collaboration with Zalora malaysia and photographer bboyrice, we have compiled a video on this lookbook. Hope you all enjoy!

Tips what to wear for the summer:

Crop tops: Crop tops are essential for the summer, it gives some air through your clothes and keep you warm for the hot weather, not to mention it's pretty cute and teasingly sexy as well!

Romper: Romper is one of my favourites in my whole closet, half of my closets are romper. well it's because I stay in Malaysia, and weather is always always hot. So I would like to just keep it casual and cool and easy with rompers and still manage to look well put together without having so much efforts.But, the downside of rompers tho, it's super tedious when it comes to the restroom.


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  1. Very beautiful and sexy, and i love it so much! it's useful for my summer wears. thanks.


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