Saturday, April 11, 2015

Festival Outfit 2015

Hey all, yes it's been awhile again and now I'm back on fashion post! Music festival is around the corner and i'm crazy excited for all the music festival coming up such as Coachella, EDC and many more. Too bad tho, I couldn't go, but you know what? It's alright, one day I'll go there! *finger crossed*

I'm totally feeling the festival vibe so I decided to pull off a look for it. It's easy and simple! Especially when you have no clothes to wear and you're in a rush, a floppy hat will do the trick, I know I've been wearing the floppy hat in every outfit I wear, that's just cuz I really love it and it can really transform your whole outfit. A few arm candies and accessories will definitely help you to look more festive! I'm really short as well, so I would want to add few inches in height. This tall boots are super comfy and will definitely add a character into my plain outfit. I did not wear any necklaces because I have too much going on on my blouse. Tips to look superfestive, your outfit should have a lot of things going on, from embellishments, prints, layers of accessories!!

So I guess that's all, and happy dancing! Comment down below how do you like this outfit! :D

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  1. Your floppy hat is awesome!

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