Wednesday, September 25, 2013

[ADV] Elegant. Vogue. Energetic

Hello to all my beautiful readers! Yes I chopped off my front hair and I have bangs now after 2 years of not having bangs and I finally dyed my hair to red! Anyways, as you see in the picture, I have a flawless face, HAHAHAHHA. I'm not bragging okay, i'm quite proud to say I have pimple-less and oil-less face.

2-3 weeks ago, this was how my skin condition. LOL don't get too shocked by my bareface cuz ya. lol

Even with make up, my pimples was obvious, my redness and my black circle around the eyes were really obvious and it was honestly pain in the neck. I have no idea how to cure the pimple and scars on my cheek, it's been there for quite a long time. SAD

So here I am, gonna introduce you one of the awesome brand I recently encounter, which is "E.V.E- Elegant.Vogue.Energetic."

The cleanser came with a bar instead of the normal cream type, i guess it's more eco-friendly. According biology I learned lol. They also came with 7 in 1 Vsphere serum and also Day Cream!

The All-In-1 Bar, suitable for all skin types which cost only rm69.00! After you washed your face with this, you will feel that your skin is a lot brighter and radiant and alot alot more cleaner compared to the other cleanser I used before this. I'm not being biased but it's actually true!

This is 7 in 1 Vsphere Serum, suitable for all skin types as well and it only cost rm100!! It is an advanced Vitamin C complex serum that gives the skin from sun protection, Improve the appearance for sun-damaged skin. It also improves the skin elasticity as it promotes collagen production, you literally feel that your skin feels like baby's skin! It lessen hyper pigmentation, Expedite the healing of wound, reduce inflammation and also boost the efficacy of sunscreen active! 

This is 6-In-1 Day Cream which cost only rm90. Only used during the day to give the skin protection from the sun's UV rays that will damage your skin!

By all 3 for Daily 3-step System to achieve radiant and youthful skin in just a wash! Rm229!

My before face, yup, without makeup. I look tired, scars still can be seen very deep dark circle and eyebags :((

This is my after face, my face is alot more brighter! My scars appear lesser, my skin looks smoother and my eyebags and dark circle appear lesser in 2 weeks! Really amazeballs. I couldn't believe myself while looking through my before and after picture :OOO

Here are the tips when using these!
E.V.E ALL-IN-1 Bar for Cleansing:
Dampen your face, create lather on hand with lather.  Then apply and gently massage over face and neck for about ½ a minute, rinse off with water – you will see your skin become fair.

Follow by E.V.E 7 IN 1 Vsphere Serum:
Apply to the face and neck after cleansing – you will see the serum get absorbed very quickly into your skin.  You will also feel some warm sensation which is the proprietary technique &  delivery system which enables the active ingredients to make penetration to the skin surface layer and stay in the layers of skin to work wonderfully. 
Use daily (Day & Night)

During the Day, follow by Day Cream as it boosts the efficacy of sunscreen actives

Thirdly, E.V.E 6-IN-1 Day Cream
Apply to face & neck after E.V.E 7 IN 1 Vsphere Serum .
Use during the day.

Remember to take before and after picture to see the obvious difference, you will shock yourself as well :D

Here's what's awesome exclusively for my readers! 

Here is a redemption code: "EVEMISSALVY" to get 10% discount when purchase from 

This code only have 1-month validity! from 26th of September to 25th of October! What are you waiting for quick and purchase E.V.E from and use the "EVEMISSALVY" for 10% discount and achieve flawless skin!

That's all!


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