Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Roxy Girl Dare Yourself Campaign 2013

Hello everybody, sorry for the really late update. I've been joining lots of activity lately, eg, Roxy Girl, Mini Intax Princess ( University activity) and yadayadayada.

Anyway, this is not an advertorial post or whatever, just a post to let all you beautiful girls out there who is daring enough, confidence enough, bold enough to join this Roxy Girl Dare Yourself Campaign 2013. The theme is called *hashtag* dare yourself. lol. which means, you are not afraid of doing anything to make your life more colourful than it was. 

So, I went to the first road show and did the casting. Not only I get to wear beautiful dresses, shirts, clothes from Roxy. I also got beautified by Inglot for free!! And also I have goodie bags from roxy!

Me trying to figure out what caption should I use for my pictures. I swear that day I was having bad hair, bad smile bad whatever day, bad everything lol. My picture didn't turned out that well, I couldn't figure out the caption for my pictures. The staffs asked "how do you dare yourself?" Instead I wrote, " who says dorks cant be daring....." lol. Which is kinda not related to the questions? But whatever, I did a video shoot for my submission cuz my pictures was extremely horrible, I swear.

Okay, some of the pictures? lol. Turned out erm, weird. But it's okay, I'm satisfied. So, to those girls that are daring enough to join me this campaign, or be rival :p I mean friends, see you girls! Don't forget to check  Roxy for submission and roadshows details.  To all dearest bloggers, please follow me at nuffnangx to get an update about my blog. 

These are some of the beautiful ladies, come and join this campaign and be as daring as these girls!!

xoxo, alvy.

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